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Some of Wild Sultan Club Watches first patrons were regulars of the late Hans Johansonn.


Our Store

Some of Wild Sultan Club Watches first patrons were regulars of the late Hans Johansonn. They were loyal to Hans and got to know Gerrit over their quarterly maintenance visits.

After hearing that Gerrit would open up shop, they immediately came over to visit and reminisce. They also wanted to see if Gerrit was anything like his predecessor.

They were very impressed and Wild Sultan Club Watches gained traction through word of mouth. Since 2002, we have been housing the world’s top brands and we have been servicing timepieces for thousands of happy customers.

We are accredited service centers for all the brands that we carry.



Gerrit Anderssen’s interest in timepieces started as early as when he was 12 years old. That is when his father bought him his first Casio watch.

He always knew that his father loved watches. He had a couple of prized timepieces that were passed down from his grandfather. He found it odd at first but with every story that his father told him that came along with each timepiece, Gerrit grew more curious.

He would take care of this Casio watch to the best of his ability and when he reached 16, he was proud to have been able to save up for a beautiful automatic watch that he would wear to his school dance.


Gerrit finished with a business degree in the Stockholm University of Economics, all while keeping an interest in horology. After graduating, he decided to do an apprenticeship with a local watch shop that did servicing and repairing for antique and luxury watches.

His teacher, Hans Johansonn, taught him more than he would ever imagine and ingrained in Gerrit’s head how important attention to detail was when it came to watches. Hans passed away 3 years after Gerrit joined him, and having no relatives, Hans left his store with Gerrit.

Gerrit decided to close down the store for a couple of months and worked on a rebrand that would make his predecessor proud. In 2002, Gerrit opened Wild Sultan Club Watches.


Battery Replacement


We offer full service battery replacement, which includes the new battery, and partial cleaning of the unit. We also offer overhauling services, which would convert your quartz movement to an automatic one. We high discourage this for new or relatively fixed pieces. But we do recommend it for older or broken pieces.



Watches are recommended to be serviced at least once a year. This will make sure that everything is working fine and that nothing is wrong with the unit. Servicing will include internal and external case cleaning, buffing, dent and scratch removal, and battery replacement (if applies). Prices are subject to condition of the watch when the unit comes in. Partial servicing of the unit is not allowed.



Are you ready to finally liquidate your watch investment? Or you can also consolidate your different pieces to finally get your dream watch! Approach any of our staff and ask how we can help you sell your item. We have two options for consignment. You can either pay a weekly “rental” fee to have us display your item in a prime location and sell it at your chosen price, or we can negotiate that a small percentage of the total sale will be given to the store. We highly advise watches to be appraised and serviced before being displayed.

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